Little Ninjas Program

Our Little Ninjas Program is a custom-designed program that helps children ages 3-5:

  • Learn Discipline
  • Practice Focus and Concentration
  • Gain Confidence
  • Develop Social Skills
  • Practice Manners and Good Behavior
  • Stay Fit and Have Fun!
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Little Ninjas playing Tug of War

A Year-Round Program for Younger Children

Little Ninjas is a fun and exciting way to introduce young children to the basics of martial arts. Separate from our regular children’s program, the Little Ninjas program provides a year round extra-curricular activity that the child can depend on for stability throughout his or her ever changing year. Weekly classes help prepare the child for school, build self-confidence, and provide a place for the child to run, play, and grow – all while having fun learning the martial arts.

We begin each Little Ninjas class by “standing still.”

What do Little Ninjas learn?

Little Ninjas learn many skills, including:

  • How to take appropriate directions from another adult
  • How to focus and concentrate while in a small group
  • How to work with a partner
  • Concepts such as up/down, left/right, and over/under
  • Basic karate techniques such as kicks, punches, and how to roll and fall without hurting themselves
  • That exercise is fun!

Little Ninjas obstacle course

About the Little Ninjas Instructor

The head instructor of our Little Ninjas Program holds a Masters Degree in Psychological Foundations of Education. She has taught children of all ages for over 35 years. Our program is custom-designed by her with age appropriate activities.

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