Kids Karate Classes

We offer year-round afternoon Karate classes for kids ages 6-12. Our children’s curriculum is the same as the adults’, but each rank level for children contains a much smaller amount of material, so they can progress quickly and receive consistent positive feedback.

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Kids class warm-up

One Price – Unlimited Classes – No Make-Ups Needed

To maximize their learning, we recommend that kids attend at least two regular classes each week. We offer regular kids classes every Monday – Thursday, as well as a number of special additional classes: sparring, weapons, and grappling classes on Fridays, and kata class followed by our “Potpourri” open workouts (a kids favorite) on Saturdays.

All students are welcome to attend as many classes throughout the week as they wish. If you ever miss a class, there’s no need to schedule a make-up class. Just bring them to any (or all!) of our classes at no additional cost.

Afternoon kids karate class

Benefits to Training Kids in the Martial Arts

Martial arts training has been proven to help kids:

  • Become stronger and more fit
  • Develop a positive self image
  • Practice  focus and concentration
  • Challenge themselves physically and mentally
  • Gain confidence
  • Work cooperatively with peers
  • Learn to follow instructions
  • Think of exercise as fun!

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