Cardio Cycling Classes

Our cycling classes are 1 hour of high-intensity, low-impact, calorie-blasting fun on purpose-built stationary bikes. Cycling classes are set to fast paced music that will inspire you to push hard for maximum results. Our Saturday classes are 90 minutes long, with an emphasis on endurance.

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Feel the Burn

Cycling is the perfect exercise for shaping and toning your lower body, while increasing your overall cardiovascular strength and maximizing endurance. Our cycling class is a fun group setting where everyone is encouraged to do their best, but also to go at their own max pace.

For maximum results, many class members choose to wear a sports heart rate monitor (such as Polar, Garmin, etc.) to help monitor cardio performance and track improvement. We also recommend bringing a water bottle or sports recovery drink.

Convenient Class Times and Great Prices

We offer eight cycling classes throughout the week, so finding a perfect time to workout is easy. We offer classes in the mornings, on Saturdays, and we scheduled our evening cycling classes to coincide with our Kids’ Karate classes, so you can get in a workout while your child attends karate class! See our full schedule for details.

We also have several flexible pricing options for cycling classes, and we never require you to sign a contract or join a club.

Get Discounts on Kickboxing, Cycling, and Strength Training

Adult and teen students who are currently enrolled in karate can add unlimited Cardio (Cycling and Kickboxing classes) and Strength Training for only $20 more per month. See our prices for full details.

Check out our special offers or contact us today to learn more about our Cycling classes.

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