About Fairwood Martial Arts

Our Chief Instructors: Master John Kay, Master Ricki Kay, Sensei Tony Kay

Our Chief Instructors: Master John, Master Ricki, and Sensei Tony

Fairwood Martial arts, also known as Komkuten Dojo, is owned and operated by Masters John and Ricki Kay.

Master John Kay earned his black belt in 1974. Master Ricki Kay began karate at the University of Florida, but transferred to Sensei John’s Dojo later in 1974 and earned her black belt in 1978.

In 1980, John and Ricki, got married and moved to Seattle, Washington. Ricki took the initiative and started classes at the G & G Health Club near the SeaTac airport. Her dojo moved to a succession of locations throughout the south Puget Sound area. In 1992, John and Ricki started serious talks about opening a “real” dojo.

In 1995 they opened Fairwood Martial Arts in Renton, Washington. They obtained a 3,277 square foot facility on the back side of the shopping center and opened their doors in August 1995.

In August 2010, Fairwood Martial Arts relocated to an even bigger and better facility in the Cascade Village Shopping Center, offering 5,600 total square feet including a 3,600 square foot mat area. The larger and better-designed new facility promises to be an exciting home for the Komokuten Dojo.

Our family invites yours to visit our dojo today.

Fairwood Martial Arts
17138 116th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058
(425) 255-8144