A Guide to Cuong Nhu Social Media

Cuong Nhu LogoWhat’s the difference between the Cuong Nhu Group, Channel, and Facebook Page? How do I find them? And once I do, how do I use them?

Don’t worry — to help keep track of all the “official” online Cuong Nhu resources, we’ve put together a list of places you may want to bookmark or “like.”

  • CuongNhu.com – the official Cuong Nhu website. All official announcements, information, and resources are stored here.
  • Cuong Nhu Google+ Page – A page for Google+ users to find and share information about Cuong Nhu, and participate in video Hangouts at Cuong Nhu events.
  • Cuong Nhu Facebook Group – A discussion group for talking about anything related to Cuong Nhu, sharing photos, asking questions, and generally where online announcements are made. All Cuong Nhu participants are invited to join this group.
  • Cuong Nhu Facebook Page – An “interest” page that is automatically generated by Facebook (not editable by humans), so that people can say they “like” Cuong Nhu. So go ahead and “like” it. :)
  • Cuong Nhu Facebook IATC Page – A “local” page for our International Annual Training Camp. Because it’s set up as a “local” Facebook page, you can “check-in” to IATC using Facebook Mobile, as well as “tag” any photos you post with IATC as the location. Please “like” this page if you attend IATC, and feel free to post directly on the page before or during the event. The date and location on this page will change each year, based on where it’s hosted.
  • Cuong Nhu IATC Mobile Site – A mobile-optimized website with schedule, class descriptions, check-in instructions, and more. If you have a smartphone and are attending IATC, you’ll want to bookmark this site!
  • Cuong Nhu YouTube Channel – A collection of videos posted on YouTube by Cuong Nhu participants, and organized into playlists. Please note that unless specifically stated in the video’s description, any kata videos are not to be considered the “official” version of the kata. If you have a Google or YouTube account, please feel free to “subscribe” to this channel.

So to sum up, you should:

  1. Visit CuongNhu.com,
  2. Add Cuong Nhu to your Google+ circles,
  3. Join the Cuong Nhu Facebook Group,
  4. “Like” both the official Cuong Nhu page and IATC page on Facebook,
  5. Bookmark the IATC Mobile Site,
  6. Subscribe to the Cuong Nhu YouTube Channel.

Thanks, and see you online! :)

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